Our story.

Before founding Above Zero, Leo Faya and Steven Bell were coworkers with an infectious work ethic. The two worked hard and fast, taking a people-first approach to media consultancy on and off the clock. As time passed—and as client needs grew—the two decided it was time to turn that work ethic into a full-fledged business.


Above Zero became a reality in 2016, as Faya and Bell focused on providing clients with Google Marketing Platform support. Since then, Above Zero’s team, offerings, and impact have grown exponentially. Today, Above Zero has a broad team of digital marketing experts with offices in Atlanta, San Salvador, Guatemala, Bogotá and Buenos Aires a roster of world-renowned clients, and capabilities ranging from creative development to reporting and tracking.



Our mission.

To help clients reach their business goals, and understand each step that led to their success story.

Our vision.

To unlock the potential of every business we engage with.

Brand pillars.


Our team helps your workforce perform at a better rate, giving you the ammunition to fuel impactful campaigns.


We look at challenges from every angle, helping you increase efficiency, raise revenue, and meet long-term goals.


We take inspiration from your team’s values, and turn that special story into a tangible case study for your business.