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We are looking to hire an ad operations campaign manager who will be responsible for providing specialized technical support to internal ad campaigns managed through DSPs as well as trafficking support and execution for campaigns running across all tools, and building strong relationships and establishing clear lines of communication with clients, partners, and internal staff members.



  • Collaborate with media planning teams, media production teams and analytics teams
  • Create and execute digital campaigns across all three verticals, mainly search, social and programmatic at scale.
  • Be familiar and prepared to be platform agnostic, basically work across a variety of tech platforms.
  • Facilitate and inform on best practices across creative specs for asset creation and delivery
  • Facilitate and inform on ad tag best practices across all known platforms
  • Identify and communicate any known issues related to campaigns, creatives, tags or tracking
  • Work diligently to identify creative opportunities, creative compliance issues or policies, publication concerns among other best practices for campaign efficiency
  • Troubleshoot and debug ad tags, ad delivery and ad performance issues, have a knowledge of figuring out discrepancies and addressing them in a timely manner
  • Provide technical support and interact with all media teams, partners and clients openly
  • Have the ability to to identify process inefficiencies and be ready to provide ways to improve operations workflow
  • Continue to be the subject matter expert of all Google Marketing platforms among other ad marketing tools that may be utilized by our clients at any given time
  • Stay up to date with new industry changes and features
  • Drive continued innovation and best practice implementation, regularly sharing your knowledge with team members



  • Bachelor Degree in Any of the Following Areas: Advertising, Marketing, Business Administration
  • Must be Fluent in English and Spanish, with excellent written, and verbal skills
  • At least 2 years experience in managing digital marketing campaigns, agency experience is a plus
  • Basic HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • TOEFL/TOEIC certificate is preferred
  • Ability to Understand Simple Marketing Concepts, Statistics, etc.
  • Ability to Work Remotely and With Schedule Flexibility
  • Ability to Work Independently Without Direct Supervision
  • Driven by Results and High Degree of Personal Willingness to Exceed Expectations
  • Ability To Take The Lead In New Projects
  • Ability to Learn New Technologies and Tools
  • Goal Oriented and Used to Working Under Pressure
  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • Great Attention to Detail & Quality Assurance


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