Project Summary.

Linda Thompson, Biography’s founder developed the oils and the story of the brand for over 8 years. While other companies might use stock blends that come off the shelf, Biography hand-picks fresh ingredients and develops proprietary formulas, which means their oils are like no others on the market. Biography is clean skincare that comes with a clean conscience.

As they prepared for the November 2020 brand launch, the team realized they need a digital strategy to push their D2C efforts. To help this direct-to-consumer brand, we did everything from support their eye-catching social content to setting up their online media to running audience and creative testing. We then implemented ads dynamically to run on Facebook, Instagram, GDN and Google Shopping. Through this, we were able to understand their audience and create anticipation, and drive awareness. We’re proud to be their partners

Biography needed a digital strategy to support their direct-to-consumer efforts. Our team rose to the occasion with powerful paid media to kick off the brand’s 2020 launch.

Founder Linda Thompson had an idea to makeover the skincare scene with clean products that come with a clean conscience. From here, Biography was born. Unlike other companies that use stock blends off the shelf, Biography uses hand-picked, fresh ingredients and develops proprietary formulas that you can’t find anywhere else.

The small, indie brand needed some major attention to share their story, so we set up online media, created eye-catching social content, ran creative testing, and implemented ads across Facebook, Instagram, GDN and Google Shopping.

Through our D2C efforts, we were able to better understand Biography’s audience, create anticipation for the launch, and drive awareness across channels. Today, we’re proud to partner with this forward-thinking brand, and look forward to helping Linda continue to bring her dream to life.

Tools & platforms.

We keep our toolbox full, from social platforms to analytical tools to apps that streamline your communication. These are just a few tools we used to make Biography a household name in USA.

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