Project summary.

Chegg needed help making the most of their digital ad ecosystem, Ad Tech Stack.


To fully utilize the core systems already in place, our team conducted an audit, implemented best practices, and found ways to help Chegg save.

When Chegg came to Above Zero, they were transitioning social teams and needed a crew that was able to jump into accounts, launch campaigns during peak seasons, and maintain KPIs. Our team was the perfect fit, and we had the best practices, industry insights, and full-stack utilization to prove it.


We started with a comprehensive audit, and discovered a wealth of information. Along with pointing us in the right direction, our findings led us to auxiliary tools that simply weren’t needed. By taking a close look at the brand’s technology, we were able to simplify Chegg’s list of products, maximize products that Chegg already had, save them money, and create more meaningful ads.


To take Chegg’s ecosystem to the next level, we created and executed test plans to discover the “X factor” that makes certain ads perform better than others. Between our Pixel audit, creative performance dashboard, budget tracker, and other reporting tools, we built a structure that allows Chegg to assess success on a daily basis.

Tools & platforms.

We keep our toolbox full, from social platforms to analytical tools to apps that streamline your communication. These are just a few tools we used to level-up Chegg’s digital ad ecosystem.

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