Project summary.

Uber came to us with a simple need: streamline display campaigns. While the task was straightforward, the opportunity and the workload were huge.


To effectively streamline display campaigns, we needed to implement processes across one of the world’s largest brands.

Our team created a series of processes that drove effective and efficient work. First, we knew we needed to strengthen communication across the brand. Our team implemented communication channels that allowed stakeholders around the world to meet requirements and follow due process. We then developed a structure to unify campaign efforts across regions—incorporating naming conventions, best practices, state-of-the-art tools, and tracking and tagging methods.


With our new processes, Uber was able to churn out weekly and monthly campaigns with ease and success. But we didn’t stop there. Along with speeding up global response rates and refining SLAs to keep up with this rapidly changing business, we found ways to control fraud and improve brand safety within measurement plans.


Since 2016, our team has successfully trafficked thousands of campaigns, implemented multiple refreshes, and enabled updates for business units across Uber’s worldwide regions. Our relationship may have started with a simple ask, but today it’s a thriving partnership with more great work on the horizon.

Tools & platforms.

We keep our toolbox full, from social platforms to analytical tools to apps that streamline your communication. These are just a few tools we used to bring Uber’s success to life.

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