Project summary.

JuJu supply signifies the power in the jewelry you wear everyday as a support system to fight through your toughest battles


To share JuJu’s story, we conducted an audit, improved digital strategy, optimized their e-commerce platform and promoted content on different paid channels.

Founded by a pair of lifelong friends, who reconnected in the wake of cancer and divorce. Began their partnership by sharing their most beloved lucky charms.
Juju Supply Co. celebrates the true origin of jewelry, objects of adornment that carry meaning and significance. Offering you with the perfect items for rallying the spirit and powering through. No matter what we’re going through, we can all use a little good JuJu.

Tools & platforms.

We keep our toolbox full, from social platforms to analytical tools to apps that streamline your communication. These are just a few tools we used to shine a spotlight on Juju.

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