Project summary.

Superheroic was a kids’ shoe brand with a unique goal: to show every kid that they’re a superhero.


To share Superheroic’s story, we conducted an audit, improved their digital strategy, managed their paid search, created social content, and helped foster growth.

Co-founded by dad and former Jordan Brand designer Jason Mayden, Super Heroic was started with a unique goal: Convince every kid who puts on a pair of its kicks that they are a superhero come to life: Invincible. Powerful. Unstoppable.


Each pair of shoes they made came in superhero-themed packaging, and even played action noises when removing the shoes from their capsule-shaped box. In addition to the shoes, each package included a small backpack that doubled as a cape. The goal? Inspire kids to get out there and play.It was an incredible product, and our team was thrilled to turn inspiration into momentum.


To help this direct-to-consumer brand, we did everything from support their eye-catching social content to standardize their online media to set up the team’s Shopify ad accounts. We then implemented ads dynamically to run on Facebook, Instagram, GDN and Google Shopping. Through this, we were able to engage with parents, create anticipation, and drive awareness. We’re proud to have put them in the spotlight, flex our strategic and creative muscles, and remind kids that they’re the real superheroes.


Tools & platforms.

We keep our toolbox full, from social platforms to analytical tools to apps that streamline your communication. These are just a few tools we used to shine a spotlight on Superheroic.

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